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Live Online Counselling

Individual Counselling

Individual Psychotherapy/ Psychology Individual psychotherapy aims to address the main psychology concerns of clients as they experience them in day-to-day living. These concerns may be experienced at a personal or interpersonal level. Focus areas...

Live Online Couples Counselling

Couples Therapy Gauteng

Obtain Professional Couple’s Therapy in Gauteng When a relationship starts experiencing problems many of us consider throwing in the towel. If it wasn’t for the fact that many love each other despite difficulties, there...

Marital Therapy Pretoria

Marital Therapy Pretoria

Affordable Marital Therapy Options in Pretoria If you are looking for affordable and effective marital therapy in Pretoria then Dr JC Coetzee is a Clinical Psychologist who can assist. Both experienced and qualified, he...

Different Types of Psychotherapy

Different types of psychotherapy

Different types of Psychotherapy Crisis Intervention Sometimes, there is a major disruption in your life and over a period of weeks or months you develop feelings of being overwhelmed, confused, anxious or depressed. Although...

Teen Counselling

Teen Counselling

Teen/ Adolescent Counselling Teen counselling provides a teenager the space to explore their feelings and thoughts. They can be given the necessary support and guidance to overcome difficulties they may face and develop new...

Teen Depression Counselling

Teen Depression Counselling

Teen Depression Counselling Could Save a Life As parents, many of us dread the time when our children will hit adolescence and become impossibly difficult teenagers that always know everything. Unfortunately this is not...