Couples Counselling

Refocus on your Relationship with Couple Counselling


Being in a relationship can be both difficult and rewarding. While being with the one person you love most in the world, maintaining a sense of self and mutual respect and understanding can become a burden. This may all sound like doom and gloom, but it doesn’t have to be. Making a success of your relationship lies in how you communicate with your partner. A relationship without honest and clear communication is undoubtedly one that is set for failure. There are many people who feel as if they are flailing in the dark, as they desperately try to hang onto the strands of what is left of their relationship. With some professional couples counselling you can rest assured that your problems can be faced and worked through before it’s too late.

Kobus Coetzee is a Centurion based psychologist who offers couples counselling to both married and unmarried couples. He will sit down with you and your partner and discuss feelings and relationship problems that are important to you. Once key problem areas have been identified and conflicts have been discussed, you will be assisted in finding ways of overcoming and working through these issues and conflicts. Each counselling session will be geared towards focusing on issues such as mutual respect and understanding, effective communication skills, exploring problem solving strategies, effective expression of needs, collaborative growth and having shared vision.

Counselling for couples is a strategy for understanding each other again, loving each other again and being excited to be with each other again. Finding clarity and being more truthful with each other and yourself are definitely aspects that are focused on. Making sure that you know which direction your relationship is moving in is an important result of undergoing counselling of this type.

If you would like to work on your relationship contact Kobus Coetzee for more information about this couples counselling service.