How to make the right choices.

How to make the right choice.

When confronted by tough decisions we find ourselves often at a loss in terms of how to proceed. In my experience there are three questions that one should consider when faced with tough decisions. Here they are:

Does it add or take away from my life?

As yourself what the impact of this decision will be on your life. Will it contribute to your personal growth or will it deprive you of personal growth.

What will be the impact of my decision be on others?

Ask yourself how this decision will impact on the wellbeing of others. All our decisions affect other people around us. Weigh the impact on their lives up carefully.

How does it fit in with God’s calling on my life?

The most important question is: How does this decision fit in with God’s plan for my life. Is it promoting my spiritual growth and relationship with God. Will it contribute to aligning my life with God’s will and plan for my life. Will it lead to a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.