Pornography Issues

Pornography Issues

Many people, most especially men struggle with issues relating to pornography. With the ease of accessibility via the internet and other media forms many guys struggle to resist the temptation to look at pornography.

The unfortunate side is that the psychological impact of exposing yourself to pornography is often underestimated. Repeated exposure to such images leads to these images being imprinted in your mind. Later on you struggle to control your own thoughts as these images and the accompanied fantasies around sex start to dominate your thinking.

Although men may at first think that they are doing no harm looking at pornography, they only later on realize the negative impact it has on their thoughts and behaviours. They often only become aware of the negative impact of pornography when they enter into a relationship or when their partner discovers that they looking at pornography.

The impact on an intimate relationship can be severe. Firstly it brings up issues of trust. Often women struggle to cope with it because they see it as e reflection on themselves, that they are not good enough or that they lack something that their husband or partner is looking for. It can also interfere with a couple’s sexual relationship as pornography is mainly fantasy based and does not take place in a committed intimate relationship where mutual respect and understanding is valued. Therefore a husband or partner can place expectations on his wife or partner in terms of sex. These expectations are often fuelled by fantasies that come from looking at pornography.

Ways of Getting Help

1. Acknowledge that you have a problem
2. Discuss the problem with your partner
3. Install computer software to prevent the access of pornography
4. Gain an understanding of your own sexual behaviour
5. If you struggle to quit seek professional help from a psychologist who has experience working with such issues

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