Psychological Services

Psychology Services

We offer the following psychology services from our practice @ PsyCare in Glover Avenue 265, Centurion.

Christian Counselling

We offer counselling from a Christian Perspective.

Individual Psychotherapy/ Psychology

Individual psychotherapy aims to address the main psychology concerns of clients as they experience them in day-to-day living.

These concerns may be experienced at a personal or interpersonal level. Focus areas include:

  • Exploring a clients past experience and developing an understanding of how that impacts their present state of mind. (Past Psychology)
  • Discovering the potential inherent in the client to address the current issues at hand. (Present Psychology)
  • To apply the clients inherent potential to successfully overcome difficulties and direct their lives in a meaningful way. (Future Psychology)
  • Developing meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Marital Therapy / Couples Counselling (Couples Psychology)

The aim of marital therapy and couples counselling is to establish effective ways of dealing with conflicts in a relationship (Couples Psychology) whilst developing certain principles to form the basis of the relationship.

These principles include:

  • Mutual Understanding
  • Effective communication
  • Common vision
  • Collaborative growth

Child Therapy Services

Adolescent Psychology/ Teen Therapy

Adolescent psychology or teen therapy aims to help a teenager understand their experiences as they move through adolescence. Once they have developed a better understanding of what they are experiencing they can develop effective ways of coping with these experiences. The challenge is to develop a sense of identity and focus in life amidst the chaos often experienced during adolescence.

Forensic Psychology

The forensic psychology services I offer include:

  • Psychology Evaluation
  • Asseement of psychological state of Victims of Crime
  • Competency to Stand Trial
  • Mental Status Evaluation
  • Full Forensic Psychology Assessment
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Pre-sentencing Reports/ Prison Psychology

Please visit for more info on Forensic Psychology Services.


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